Don't Know How To Begin Healing After You've Lost A Loved One To Suicide? 
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Are You Feeling Completely Alone After Your Loss Of A Loved One To Suicide? 

This Journal Will Be Your Guide To Begin Healing Over The Next 30 Days

Daily Bite-Size Steps

• Have manageable baby-steps each day 

Daily Journal Prompts

• See your progress everyday through journaling your experience

Find Hope 

• Begin to find hope again as you navigate after this tragedy

How This Journal Can Help And Support You

Here's What You'll Discover Inside...

  • Begin next steps to healing so you can have a clear path forward over the next 30 days so that you can start healing today
  • Daily journal prompts and get your thoughts and emotions out of your head and onto paper will be freeing as you begin healing which means you can silence the endless thoughts about the "what if's" or "could haves"
  • Read how each day's prompt helped me to begin healing after losing my sister to suicide which enables you to understand each daily prompts are things that helped me as I began my healing and processed my grief so you can because they helped me begin my journey towards healing, I know that they can help support you as well
  • Daily affirmations so you're able to know that you are doing your best each and every day as you begin your healing ... you are saying "yes" to your healing and to yourself

Don't Wait Another Day...

Begin Your Healing Today

 Get The Courage To Take Small Brave Baby-Steps Each Day

  • Being brave and having courage is something that you can take everyday
  • Allowing yourself the space to practice grieving throughout these next 30 days will give you courage day by day
  • You got this my friend, I am rooting for you every day and every step along the way

Quickly Discover Tiny Wins Each Day

  • Quick wins will allow you look back as you go throughout these next 30 days of your journey and see your incredible progress
  • These small victories will make all the difference as you begin your healing
  • Celebrating each day along this 30 day journey together will give you momentum 

Know You Are Not Alone

  • I know what it is like to loose a loved one to suicide
  • I wanted to more than anything, besides having my sister back, was someone who had experienced a tragedy like this, to guide me through the process
  • Ultimately as I decided to begin my journey towards healing, I began to feel more peace again 

 Begin Healing After Suicide

  • The greatest step that you will ever take along your journey is the first one
  • This will not be easy but you have me as your guide every single day as you begin
  • I know that you desire to begin healing after this tragedy. 

PLUS! Exclusive Bonuses...

Bonus #1

Daily Support Videos From Me

  • Get a new video for each day of our journey together just for you
  • Daily lessons for each day in every video 
  • Support videos guiding you throughout the next 30 days

Bonus #2

Daily Lesson Emails

  • Think of each email as a love letter from me to you
  • Each email contains a video lesson for the day
  • I share my heart behind each journal prompt and why I chose this topic for each day

Bonus #3

Bonus Coffee Chat with Me(30 Minutes)

  • Let's connect with you further after you have gone through the journal
  • Did you like it? What journal promptings stood out to you? Was there something missing from it? 
  • I would love to support you in any way I can as you begin your journey towards healing

What Others  Saying About The Journal

“What I love about this journal is that it gently guides you on a healing path through the pain from loss of a loved one. Becoming aware of our daily thoughts and feelings will bring us to the point where we can manage our lives from a healthy and peaceful place. This journal will bring you deep into your inner self and encourage you to bloom into your truth as you develop your self-confidence and overall love for thyself.”
- Tiffani Patlan, Best-Selling Author of “Unlocking Your Ability to Heal”
Crystal gives you something to look forward to each day as you take those first steps into your grief. Filled with simple yet very effect tools to prepare you for your new journey. As a widow myself, I think this journal is great for anyone suffering a loss.
Jodi Suboor ~Author of Healing You With Love
This helpful journal was created for people who have lost their loved ones due to suicide. Author Crystal Partney, lost her sister this way and as she was grieving her loss, she realized that she needed to continue to be a role model for her young daughter to show her how to grieve in a healthy fashion. With a deep desire to help others who are experiencing this type of grief, she put together this journal to assist in getting through the first 30 days. Each day, she shares a helpful nugget of advice followed by a simple inspirational action step to guide you through your grieving and healing journey. What stuck out for me was when she said, "I knew my sister wouldn't want me to live as if I had died as well." If you're suffering a loss, I highly recommend this journal to lead you back to your peace.
~Gloria Carpenter
Professional Singer & Author of "Power Up Your Dreams!"
Since hitting rock bottom just after my 40th birthday, every bit of advice I got was to meditate and journal. Meditation, I found a little easier. Not sure why. Just writing something down each day just did not come naturally to me. I had nothing to write.
And seven years on, and I still struggle. I've tried several apps, none of them got me past a few days. I ran out of things to say!
The way this book is laid out makes it really simple. It's a pleasure to open. However, what really makes a difference here is the daily text and the question to start your day's journal. Not only that, it really helps you to see the world with more compassion and understanding.
No more having a blank page and giving up after a couple of days.
Highly recommend this to anybody that struggles with journaling, especially if you are going through a difficult time. This will help you get through it.
~Steven Webb

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